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Sunday, February 23, 2020

City of Dekalb Airport Advisory Board met June 25

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Aug 2, 2019


City of Dekalb Airport Advisory Board met June 25.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

Chairman Bob Owens called the meeting to order at 7:08pm.

Roll Call: Matt Duffy, Bob Owens, Gary Hanson, Bernie Pupino, Jim Rhoades and Paul Borek


Guests: Mayor Jerry Smith, City Manager Bill Nicklas, Alderman Tony Faivre, Jason Blumenthol, Michael Embry, Amit Patel and Dan Halverson with Syndeo Fiber Corporation.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA - Motion by Paul Borek. Seconded by Matt Duffy. Motion passed.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION- Michael Embry from Funme Entertainment thanked Mayor Jerry Smith, City Manager Bill Nicklas and Airport Manager Tom Cleveland for having the Balloons, Blues and Brews Festival on June 22 at the airport. Mr. Embry stated it was a successful event and would like to have it again next year on June 20, 2020.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES- Motion by Bernie Pupino. Seconded by Paul Borek. Motion passed. OLD BUSINESS — None


Discussion of updates for the DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport website -

Airport Manager Tom Cleveland introduced Jason Blumenthol to the Airport Advisory Board (AAB). Jason updated the AAB on what is being done to improve the airport website. The AAB asked about how many hits the current website has and if Jason had looked at other Chicagoland airport websites to compare theirs to ours. Jason said the fueling operation has had about 500 hits. Other airport websites had been visited to see what our competition was doing. AAB member Paul Borek asked about links to other organizations like DCEDC. AAB Chairman Bob Owens asked about the airport name change. That will be brought up at the July 23rd AAB meeting and would have to be brought to City Council for approval. Mobile apps were talked about. Jason talked about dynamic sizing and that our airport services need to be easy to see and get to. Having a couple of ZIP cars at the airport was discussed. Further discussion is needed on the airport website updates.

Discussion of the Syndeo Fiber Optics Cable Building Site on Airport Property –

Airport Manager Tom Cleveland introduced Amit Patel and Dan Halverson from Syndeo and asked them to give the AAB an overview of the building project. Two sites were looked at by the AAB. One was on the east airport property line off the corner of Peace Road and Pleasant Street. Number two site was at 2200 Pleasant Street north of the Airport Maintenance Facility. Both sites were discussed by the AAB. The reason to move the fiber optic junction box to airport property is that the current junction box area is on the north east corner of the intersection of Peace Road and Pleasant Street. This intersection is very busy and is a safety and access concern for Syndeo. Amit said that they usually can’t get to this access area in the winter because of the snow.

Amit stated that by building this fiber junction site on airport property and away from the intersection of Peace Road and Pleasant Street, the fiber optic capabilities can be increased and that it would be a great benefit to the City of DeKalb for expansion of the fiber network.

A motion was made by Bernie Pupino to use the site just north of the airport maintenance facility at 2200 Pleasant Street. Paul Borek seconded. Motion passed.


Airport Manager Tom Cleveland gave a recap of the Balloon Fest that was held on Saturday June 22 at the airport. Approximately 1000 people were in attendance. About 100 people turned away when they didn’t see any hot air balloons in the sky. Set up went well. The airport was secure and operational thru the event. A date of June 20, 2020 was asked about for the next Balloons, Brews and Blues event at DeKalb Airport.

Jet Fuel Sales – May jet fuel sales were up. 10,221 gallons were sold in the month of May.

Airport Consultant Jack Penning with Volaire Aviation will be here at the next airport board meeting on July 23rd to discuss the new marketing plan for the airport.

The Oshkosh air show will be starting on July 21st and runs thru July 28th. The airport expects many visitors from all over the country to pass thru during the time of the airshow. World Fuel, our aviation fuel supplier, sponsors a food event for all the pilots using DeKalb Airport traveling to and from the airshow.

The Experimental Aircraft Association had its annual fly in drive in pancake breakfast on June 2nd in the main hangar. Approximately 400 people showed up for the event.

Surveyors are now out surveying the sites for our new visual navigational aids, Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI) that will be installed this Fall.

Airport newspaper articles were discussed by the AAB.

New Hangar leases will be sent out to all City owned rental hangars by the end of August to get all tenants on the same standard lease.

Discussion – Mayor Jerry Smith discussed meeting with Congressman Kinzinger, Congresswoman Underwood and State Representative Jeff Keicher discussing the needs of the airport. City Manager, Bill Nicklas said we do well with the Federal Government funding airport projects but in 2 years, TIF 1 runs out and that is where the airport gets it’s 5% or 10% share.

AAB member Gary Hanson asked Mayor Jerry Smith if he has any candidates to replace AAB member Ryan James who resigned. The Mayor said he was talking to a few people about the appointment.

MOTION TO ADJOURN- Motion to Adjourn made by Gary Hanson. Seconded by Matt Duffy. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:53pm.

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