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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Village of Hinckley Village Board met May 13

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Jun 21, 2019

Meeting 05

Village of Hinckley Village Board met May 13.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

CALL BOARD MEETING TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order by Village President Nancy Nelson at 7:00 PM. Roll call was taken showing the following:

Present: Trustees Mike Constant, Tim Sellers, Jeff Nier, Lou Manivong. Quorum Established.

Absent: Trustee Chuck Riforgiate.

Also Present: Deputy Clerk Rita Barnett, Attorney Kristine Gibbons, Joe Moore (Public Works), Police Chief Ken Gettemy, Chris Ott (EEI), Dale Youngers (TEST), and Members of the Public.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: The pledge to the flag was recited. PUBLIC COMMENT on Agenda Items Scheduled for Action Only

No Comments.


• Agenda item for discussion/approval: 04/29/19 Regular Board Meeting Minutes

Trustee Constant moved to approve the 04/29/19 Regular Board Meeting minutes and Trustee Sellers seconded the motion. Roll Call Vote: Constant-Aye, Manivong-Aye, Nier-Aye, Sellers-Aye. Motion carried.

• Agenda item for discussion/approval: Payment of Invoices Due

Trustee Nier noted that he did not have the invoice from Cam-Vac in his folder. Trustee Sellers noted that the invoice was in his folder. Trustee Manivong moved to approve the invoices as presented, and Trustee Constant seconded the motion. Roll Call Vote: Manivong-Aye, Nier-Aye, Sellers-Aye, Constant-Aye. Motion carried.


• Agenda item for discussion/approval: Swearing in of New Trustees

Village President Nelson performed the swearing in of Trustees, Jeff Nier and Lou Manivong.

•Agenda item for discussion/approval: BusinessLicenseOrdinance

President Nelson reported that Attorney Gibbons has looked into this. Trustee Nier would like to move forward with it and stated that it’s a very normal thing to have, and helps the Village know what’s out there. Trustee Sellers asked who is going to uphold it, and if we have the staffing or ability. President Nelson stated that maybe down the road we would. Her point of view is that a home based business would be covered by their main company, but that there may be a lot of other people in town that are selling but not paying tax revenue to the Village. Trustee Sellers asked if it would be more work for the Village Clerk. President Nelson stated that it will be similar to a building permit process or a solicitor permit process. Ms. Nelson noted that we need a building code enforcer. Trustee Sellers noted that he would support it if it was part of a bigger plan. There was a discussion. A committee needs to put something together and come back to the board with it. Trustee Manivong moved to table to the agenda item, Business License Ordinance, to a later date. Trustee Nier seconded the motion. Roll Call Vote: Manivong-Aye, Nier-Aye, Sellers-Aye, Constant-Aye. Motion carried.

• Agenda item for discussion/approval: Arbor Day/Tree City Press Release.

President Nelson read a press release from the Arbor Day Foundation, titled “Arbor Day Foundation Names Hinckley, IL Tree City USA”. Hinckley, IL was named a 2018 Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation in honor of its commitment to effective urban forest management. Hinckley achieved Tree City USA recognition by meeting the program’s four requirements: a tree board or department, a tree care ordinance, an annual community forestry budget of at least $2 per capita and an Arbor Day observance proclamation. More information on the program is available online at The Planning Commission needs to meet and make a recommendation to the board at the 1st regular board meeting in June. A Tree City committee to be established, to include: Russ Kula (Chair), Nancy Nelson ( Vice Chair), Elizabeth Losiniecki (Secretary), Lou Manivong (Trustee/Citizen).

• Agenda item for discussion/approval: Liaison to Planning Commission.

President Nelson reported that the Planning Commission would like a board member to be a liaison and attend the Planning Commission meetings. Trustee Constant noted that according to the ordinance a finance representative should attend. Trustee Constant agreed to attend the meetings.

• Agenda item for discussion/approval: Open Trustee Position & Open Planning Commission Position President Nelson reported that there is one open Trustee position and one Planning Commission member position, and that we need to fill the positions. If anyone knows of someone who is interested, have them contact Mayor Nelson. It was noted that to be on the Planning Commission you need to live within 1 1⁄2 miles of the Village. The Park Board also needs a member who lives within 1 1⁄2 miles of the Village. The open positions will be listed on the website.

• Agenda item for discussion/approval: Utility Bill Shut-Off Procedures.

President Nelson reported that the shut-off procedures were brought up to her, and that we need a process defined in detail. Ms. Nelson would like Finance and the Treasurer to work with Daniel Roop to define the process. Trustee Constant noted that Dave Maroo was going to get with Mr. Roop. It was discussed at the Finance Committee meeting. Mr. Constant stated that he will meet again with Dave Maroo. There was a discussion.

President Nelson read a thank-you note from the DeKalb County Economic Development Corporation regarding the Village membership/contribution.

President Nelson reported that per a notice from Rick Amato, DeKalb County State’s Attorney, there is an upcoming training session: “2019 DeKalb County Freedom of Information Act & Open Meetings Act Training for Local Governments”. The session is to be held on Thursday, September 12, 2019 at 6:00 PM at the DeKalb County Farm Bureau, 1350 West Prairie Drive, Sycamore, IL. Trustee Constant inquired as to how often the Trustees need Open Meetings Act Training. Attorney Gibbons will check into it and confirm the frequency.

President Nelson reported that the IML (Illinois Municipal League) is hosting Newly Elected Officials Workshops throughout the state in the month of June if any board members are interested.

President Nelson reported that Chief Gettemy is going to Springfield for a free training course that will count as 20 hours of continuing education. Ms. Nelson commended the Chief for finding this course and attending. The Chief will be in training from May 20-23 but will be available by phone.


No report.

• Finance & Economic Development

Trustee Constant reported that the auditors completed 2 days of preliminary work. They will be back on May 28 for four days of field work. Information for extraordinary items to be included in the appropriations is due May 24th.

• Public Safety

No report.

• Streets & Alleys

° Agenda item for discussion/approval: F450 Failed Safety Check

Trustee Sellers reported that they reviewed the vehicles and that in mid-May we need to do something because September is not far off. The price tag on a machine to fix things with is approximately $60,000.00 to $70,000.00. It is currently costing Public Works $1750.00 per month for the 2015 Silverado truck and the 2016 F350 truck. The replacement cycles are too close together. Joe Moore explained why we purchased the Silverado and how it met the needs at that time. Trustee Sellers stated that Joe Moore had indicated that we need a backup vehicle as the F450 is for snow removal and leaf pickup. Trustee Nier stated that new F450 orders from Ford have ended for 2019’s. Mr. Moore suggested he look at Monroe Trucks online, and he also explained what failed on the truck and that there are multiple problems. There was a discussion of getting out of the lease for the 2015 Silverado, so it can be replaced with a heavier-duty truck. There was a discussion, which included the idea that the Village should have a mini-excavator. President Nelson stated that we should re-visit the leaf pickup as a core service because we don’t have a vehicle for that service. Trustee Constant stated that the main issue is that we have something (a vehicle) that doesn’t work. Mr. Moore will look into what vehicles are out there for sale.a heavy duty truck for replacement. Trustee Manivong noted that he would not vote in in favor of discontinuing a service that we already agreed to provide to the residents. There was a discussion regarding the condition of the current vehicles. Mr. Moore will check into when the lease expires for the 2015 Silverado. He gave a summary of the productivity of the department and how it’s based on the availability of the current trucks. President Nelson noted that all major equipment needs to be on a replacement program. Leaf pickup/truck replacement needs to be on the agenda for the next board meeting, scheduled for May 28th. Trustee Nier stated that he just found a truck for sale in Algonquin for $100,000.00. Trustee Sellers asked about the L8000 truck. There was a discussion. Trustee Sellers and Joe Moore are to work together on gathering the information on the trucks.

° Agenda item for discussion/approval: Surplus Property Ordinance

This item is tabled until the first meeting in June. Attorney Gibbons will need a list from Public Works.

• Buildings, Grounds & Parks

Chris Ott noted that he sent easements to the Attorney. The Attorney returned them to him, and they are good. Mr. Ott will send the email copies to Trustee Sellers. Trustee Manivong asked if the port-o-pots were at Pioneer Park yet, and Mr. Moore reported that, yes, they are there. Trustee Sellers reported that he will speak with Katie Neary from Lakeshore Recycling as to when there will be a waste event.

• Water & Sewer

° Agenda item for discussion/approval: Lift Station Repairs

Trustee Nier reported on the Lift Station pump repair, and that the Village is down to one pump at the South Station. Mr. Youngers confirmed that, and explained the condition of pumps and the quotes he received for replacing them, and that the pumps we have are obsolete and the parts for them are rare and hard to find. To move them and replace them is not a direct fit. The uncertainty is what exactly needs to be replaced, with an estimate with 3 options ranging from about $10,000.00 to $15,000.00. Mr. Youngers provided the board with a copy of a proposal, Quote #519W15991RRbw, submitted May 13, 2019, void after 30 days, from Metropolitan Pump Company of Romeoville, IL. Mr. Youngers reviewed the handout and pointed out that if two repairs are done (one at each station) there is a savings of 15% on each parts option and about 50-75% of 2nd repair labor, if one day for both repairs. It was noted that the north lift station is the same age as the south and will also need to be done. Metropolitan Pump is the only company he would use because they made the pumps. Trustee Manivong asked if we should get more quotes, and Mr. Youngers pointed out that this is an emergency and we don’t have enough time. There was a discussion. Trustee Constant asked about the time frame, and Mr. Youngers stated that it takes 2 weeks to get parts and then it gets scheduled. Trustee Nier stated that we need to make a decision to at least repair the south side pump. Mr. Youngers noted that he has been talking to the Village board for the last ten years about upgrading this equipment. Trustee Nier moved to go with Proposal Option 1A Replacement Motor & Option 1B Repair LABOR Cost in hopes that we don’t need a motor and we don’t need labor with that, on the south side pump, Not to Exceed $9337.00, and Trustee Sellers seconded the motion. Roll Call Vote: Nier-Aye, Sellers-Aye, Constant-Aye, Manivong-Aye. Motion carried.

° Agenda item for discussion/approval: Possible Action with Regard to the Purchase of Municipal Water and Sanitary Sewer Systems – Approval of a Resolution Authorizing the Development of a Contract for the Sale of the Water and Sewer System of the Village of Hinckley, Illinois

Trustee Nier reported that last Friday they had a bid to purchase the municipal water and sanitary systems. The bid was from Illinois American Water, and they were the only vendor to bid. Mr. Nier went over all of the figures in the bid. The meters would be radio/smart meters that are read and billed every 30 days. If the Village agrees to go with them the process is to: agree, then reviewed by Citizens Utility Board or ICC (takes 6-9 months), set a date of transfer. The Village would have 45 days to negotiate, agree and sign. This RFP is in effect until August 13, 2019. Mr. Nier noted that the advantage will be a cash infusion that we can use on our infrastructure in the coming years, and that when we get to where we can pay off our Debt Service we would have to put more on the loan. We can’t pay the debt if people don’t pay their bill. Trustee Sellers read from the proposal on page 11 regarding ICC regulation. Chris Ott asked how this would affect Royal Estates. Mr. Nier said that he will check into that, and that IL American Water does not charge a connection fee and we would need to change/remove our ordinance on connections. Trustee Sellers noted that we would need a new Public Works building. There was a discussion. President Nelson asked Trustee Nier why the cell tower is in the proposal, and he noted that it will remain as revenue for the Village. There was a discussion on the fence by the south lift station and on the benefits of the sale as overviewed in the document. Trustee Manivong noted that there was a difference in figures. And also that we run a really good water department here and he would hate to sell it. He would rather the Village manage it. Trustee Nier and Trustee Sellars disagreed. There was a discussion. President Nelson stated that we need to discuss, research, and have the Attorney and an Illinois American Water representative come in. It has to be what’s best for the Village. We need a Committee of the Whole (COTW) meeting to discuss this. A meeting was scheduled for Monday, May 20 at 6:00 PM. Ms. Nelson will contact Jen at Illinois American Water. Trustee Constant asked what the valuation of assets should be, and that we should pursue appraisals even if we go with options other than option 1. There was a discussion. There should be a list of recoverable expenses. Chief Gettemy noted that he could put out a Code Red to notify the residents of the COTW meeting, to make every attempt to get the public involved.


- Larry Menz commented on selling assets and asked what percent of those assets belong to the town. He commented on the leaf pickup and why spend $60,000.00 on a truck that will get ruined from leaf pickup, and that contractor should be hired. He expressed is disagreement of selling the water system.


Trustee Sellers reported that Lakeshore Recycling came out and did a courtesy street sweep.

Trustee Constant reported that at the last meeting, he gave a suggestion to amend the rate increase description, to better explain it, and it will be on the next agenda. The Golf Cart Ordinance should also be on the next agenda. Trustee Constant would like the topic to impose a fee on solicitors to also be on the next agenda.

Chief Gettemy noted that the Police Department spent at least 4 hours on the complaints for the solicitors for SFE, as there were calls complaining about them being pushy and rude, so he did contact their supervisor. There was a discussion on potentially getting a No Solicitor sign for residents to post, and/or a Village issued ID badge. Chief Gettemy reported that they have been investigating forgeries. A suspect was taken into custody but escaped even though she was handcuffed to the bench at the station. She was re-captured an hour later. They will be re-doing the setup of their holding facility and bond process so they don’t have to transport. Also there are now sensors on the door. Chief Gettemy also discussed the vehicle lease with Ford Motor Company, and noted that is has things that can be fixed.

Dale Youngers had questions on the Village bidding and purchasing policy, because of the way it is written, he needs guidance. President Nelson stated that he should make contacts the way he has been. There has been a discussion regarding vendor charges for employee calls to them, and that the policy is vague. Trustee Constant stated to carry on as you are and if there is a problem, we will let you know. Mr. Youngers noted that if he needed to make a chemical purchase that required a 2 day notification, it would be ridiculous to have to call for something you can’t live without. Joe Moore agreed that if someone else read this policy they wouldn’t understand it. President Nelson stated to continue doing “business and usual” as long as you’re communicating with your department chair and doing what you’re supposed to be doing. There is always an exception to the rule. Trustee Sellers noted that the intent of the policy was to help. Mr. Youngers stated that this is the exact opposite of what it’s doing. President Nelson stated that the policy is the basics of trying to keep things under control on a day to day basis. Trustee Nier stated that basically it was written due to someone who’s not even here anymore.


Motion: Trustee Constant moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:15 PM. Trustee Nier seconded the motion. Voice Vote: All members voted yes. Motion carried.

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